Architekturfotografie Frankfurt

Real Estate & Architectural Photography Workshop

You have the capability to book me for a real estate photography course or architectural photography workshop. You are going to learn real estate photography in its basics for stunning pictures of interiors or the special architecture of different properties. Learn photography for real estate and architecture!

Are you an architect, an estate agent or just interested in real estate photography classes? We offer photography workshops for companies and private persons. We show you how to make more money in real estate with professional photographs in advertising.

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Depending on your needs our property photography course can handle following topics:

  • The secrets of image composition

  • The basics of photography for beginners (ISO, Aperture, Time)

  • The camera settings (RAW, Exposure, Histogram, Functions, Focus, etc.)

  • Increasing the sharpness with photographic skills

  • Handling complicated light in indoor photography

  • Finding the right perspective for architectural photography

  • Aerial drone photography in real estate

  • The gear for interior photography and architecture (for Nikon, Sony, Canon etc.)

  • All about lenses for professional interior photography

  • Digital image editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Creating 360 degree panoramas or VR Tours for your website

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 Are our photography classes something for you?

Potentially Yes! Since we create individual tutorials for every single of our customers, we will adapt every architectural photography course to your special needs. Whether you are interested mostly in image composition within architectural photography or image editing in Photoshop, we are going to teach you how to create better pictures for real estate photography and architecture.

Where this photography course is taking place?

It is depending on you, we are completely open-minded to any location. For companies or real estate agents we usually prefer to shoot on their objects, properties or offices, since it is the best training to learn photography on locations which are as similar as possible like those you potentially have to capture in future. Whereat, most private persons are interested in public places from an artistic point of view regarding architectural photography. In the latter case the city of Frankfurt provides a lot of interesting locations where it is easy to learn photography. But in the past we have also been booked for cities like London, Paris or Barcelona.

Image Composition in Architectural Photography, Professional real estate photography, Photography basics and techniques, Skyline & blue hour, taking long exposures in architectural photography or creating amazing fine arts represents some inspirations of what you would like to learn to improve your photography.

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