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Real Estate, Commercial and Industrial photography are sorts of product photography, except that much more of your business is revealed in here. Top company portraits convey the image of a company and its products better than any other advertising can. As a professional commercial photographer, I primarily devote myself to the corporate philosophy and the transport of a clear message. The result should be unique, first-class and full of purpose of its production. My pictures have high expectations; who orders me gets not only professional imagery for an effective marketing campaign, but also new customers! For this reason, it should be dealt with the background of an advertising campaign, the company and their target audience. What does a nice commercial photo help, if it does not serve the benefit of attracting new customers? You benefit from individual solutions and creativity. We know the language of the entrepreneurs and put us in the perspective of your potential customers even before production.

Professional photos are essential for any kind of editorial or corporate work, not just within the area of business photography. What we love about our service and our work is to see and understand how different kind of products are developed and made by people and machinery. The manufacturing processes of industrial production are fascinating and very impressive. Our goal is to create stunning images which do a utile job for an effective external representation of a company, their technical development and performance. We do not create “just” employee staff photos or pictures of factory workers, nether we take simple manufacturing images or interior shoots for advertising and magazines. Instead we create creative images that convey meaning at a glance. Stunning, fascinating and great photography where everybody like to look at, is also the very first thing a prospective customer or client might notice about any business or company. At the end photos tell a story and communicate a clear message towards your customers in the best possible light. We help you to promote your industrial business with superb prints and great photos.


The visualization of work situations – manufacturing photos

Your personal Photographer for technical and creative images, company reports, brochures and marketing. Based in Germany and Europe wide photographic coverage of our industrial machinery, plant and architectural photography services, including commercial buildings, factories, offices and detail shoots of people and employed workers. Our photos can explain how machines works, since we can enhance important areas and feature your equipment. Depending on the local situation inside your interiors we are able to create images without additional or disrupting lightning. Our service covers documentary as well as editorial work for all aspects of your industrial engineering organisation.

A relevant factor of the image impact in corporate communications is the authenticity of the photo or image film. Every business portrait must have a clear relationship to the company and the target group. As part of industrial photography for companies, we photograph and film typical work situations. The viewer is brought closer to visual activities and the companies environment. The pictures are, unlike classic employee staff photos, not staged and thus particularly credible. Your employees are your most valuable asset! So give your employees the chance to make your company even more authentic through natural images. After all, the credibility of a company is one of the most important criteria for success.

Firmenportrait Ebara
Unternehmensfotografie Industrie

Why should you decide for Architekturfotografie Frankfurt as your Industrial Photographer?

  • We have Industry experience. Our top photographer Patrick has worked as a chemical engineer for an industrial car supplier in Germany. Later he studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt, where he was able to visit several businesses. Since 2012 he is working as a professional industrial photographer and has therefore visited multiple plants in all European countries. He has already been inside Rhenus logistic centres (Mannheim), taking pictures for their website; in a power station (Ludwigshafen) for taking imagery for a brochure; in a car suppliers plant, named JD Norman, for the German car and automotive industry, making PR photos for their website and catalogues; at ABC Kinker (German clinker and brick factory) for nice advertising pictures printed on flyers; at Ebara Corporation (A Japanese Pump-and turbine Manufacturer) and Patrick also worked as a photographer for CMS to take product photos of their milling machines and sandblast devices.

  • Patrick understands what complex machinery actually does and how industrial processes work, that’s why he is able to show the functions in his pictures in a clean delineated way.

  • Clear pricing: All our prices a clear and you will get them up front before actually booking us. There will be not extra fees at the end.

  • No disruption of working processes in your factory. We understand that some processes can easily be interrupted, since we take our shoots within normal working hours. We are familiar with safety regulations in most industrial plants, so you do not have mind about any inconveniences.

  • Extremely detailed high-resolution images for photographic magazines and business brochures. We use very sharp and modern lenses as well as medium format or full frame cameras. Therefore we are able to deliver superb prints and high-res photos for show stands, posters or for web. You will only get clean retouched and in photoshop processed images in the best available quality. We provide exhibition quality prints up to 110x180cm.

  • Located within the middle of Europe and Germany. Our studio is based in Frankfurt Germany from where we are able to reach any location in Germany in less than a day. However, one of the biggest European Airports is also located in Frankfurt, which means, that we can visit any big European City in just a couple of hours for a commercial photo shoot. Nevertheless, it is appreciated if you could ask us a week or more in advance for an appointment and architecture or industry photography.

Present Transparency through 360° Virtual Panorama Tours

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Corporate Business Photography - A clear line of communication to advertising photography

When the word is replaced by the image, it is important to strike the right tone with the right industrial photo. Whether for your company website, flyers, image brochures or the annual report. We create a unique world of images. Because only a good picture makes a good start to a successful communication.


Manufacturing Images - Industrial Photography with new Approaches

Image brochures, annual reports, websites and catalogs require professional images from and for the industry. The presentation of modern companies is connected to creativity and special perspectives, which can be implemented with the most modern technologies of industrial photography. Aerial drone photos and virtual 360 degree VR tours are the keyword in this manner. We are professional editorial photographers for interior architecture and industrial photography of your factory plant. Contact us for high end industrial production photos or marketing brochures of your international industrial engineering company.


We offer industrial photography for manufacturing and production, corporate, industrial, and advertising photography as well as professional advertising brochures. Your manufacturing plant and industrial photograph from Germany. 


Perspektive aus der Luft - Drohnenfotografie

Aerial Drone Photography

For your Showcase


We also provide the best quality High-End Image Retouching for all your Industrial or Estate Photos

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EuroBlech 2018: Industrial machine show at the CMS Europe Stand: metal working with miller and grinder processing for manufacturers


What we offer

We offer services for companies and their creative marketing agencies for industrial, advertising and catalogue work for print and web use. If you need any help to order or design display stands or other printed materials, you are welcome to contact us and we will organize everything you need with our partners.

  • High quality Prints and Photo Books or Booklets & Brochures

  • Virtual Panorama Tours in 360° trough your company

  • Short promotional videos

  • Webdesign for your Business Landing Page

  • Only local top photographers from Germany (In case I am not available personally)


We are located in the middle of Germany between the industrial areas of Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW) and Bavaria.