Architekturfotografie Frankfurt

Architectural Photography Workshop Frankfurt


Frankfurt Architectural Photo Tour

Discover the hidden motives of Frankfurt and join me on this photography workshop! I will show you my personal perspective of this unique city an teach you a lot about image composition an architectural photography. Frankfurt is a city of differences, which provides us a lot of interesting perspectives, we just have to capture. The focus of this workshop will be on the exceptional architectural photography. If you are interested in outstanding locations, a mixture of modern and historic Architecture, as well as impressive pictures, you should not miss this course!
I am going to teach you the basics of architecture photography, getting your vision and image composition. Of course I will explain you the camera settings and what you have to know about the equipment, as well.
You should own a DSLR or something similar, a wide angle lens (ca. 15-30mm) and maybe a prime of ca 50mm.




  • Equipment

  • Basics of architectural photography

  • Basics Image composition

  • Using the available light

  • Settings (depth of field, bulb mode, etc.)

  • Discussion and review on lacation

Depending on your time and interests we can also discuss:

  • The secrets of image composition

  • Increasing the sharpness with photographic skills

  • Handling complicated light in indoor photography

  • Finding the right perspective for architectural photography

  • Aerial drone photography in real estate

  • The gear for interior photography and architecture (for Nikon, Sony, Canon etc.)

  • All about lenses for professional interior photography (e.g. Tilt-Shift-Lenses)

  • Digital image editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Creating 360 degree panoramas or VR Tours for your website

This workshop is for beginners and advanced photographers. You should be familiar with shooting in the manual mode. The tour will consist of a ca. 5h walk! Don't forget to take enough batteries and storage with you.



Are you interested? Just message me!