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What to do in Frankfurt (Top 10 Attractions)

In case you have a layover in Frankfurt, this city offers you a lot of possibilities to enjoy your time here. Including my own Architectural Photo Tour which basically is a photography workshop, a Free Alternative Walking Tour, a lot of museums, nice parks and a river, viewing platforms, an old town, a lot of history, interesting places nearby and of course a lot of good food and a lively nightlife.


1. Architectural Photography City Tour

If you like to take pictures and you have no idea what to do in Frankfurt you can join the Frankfurt Architectural Photo Tour (For Free!), you can also book me for a private photography workshop for a couple of days. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already a professional photographer.

In my line of works I present the highest quality images with an extraordinary relation to a deep understanding of image composition. If you would like to learn how I shoot real estate architecture, I would be honored to take you with me.

I will explain you:

  • Equipment and Settings
  • The using of available light
  • Basics of architectural photography
  • Insights into the secrets of image composition

Furthermore I provide photography workshops regarding skyline picture during twilight, professional long time exposures or DSLR basics. Therefore you can ask me any questions related to architectural photography. Of course we can plan your day individually just for you. I can also show you some cool locations for capturing the skyline of Frankfurt, as well as unique sites for individual spots.

It would be a pleasure for me to show you my city from a photographical and a perspective of a local.



2. Frankfurt Free Alternative Walking Tour

Discover Frankfurt’s hidden places, people’s lifestyle and history in an informal and smooth way and enjoy the perspective of a local! The Frankfurt Free Alternative Walking Tour is a city tour organized by a group of independent students and free of charge. Frankfurt is a place worth to while, after that to you might stay longer in this unique city.

This city tour consist of funny stories and interesting historical facts. Frankfurt is a city of contrast. You will start to understand the complex problems of the main station neighborhood including serious issues with drugs and prostitution, as well as the cultural development of this district, which is located right next to the main European financial center. Frankfurt was mostly destroyed during World War II, which is the reason why it doesn’t has a real old town. At once it is the city were the Federal Republic of Germany was founded. If you are interested in Frankfurt’s history, funny facts, the German culture and recommendations for good food, nice clubs and what to do in Frankfurt, than you should join this tour! Click HERE for reading an article in German language about this tour.

The English tour is daily at 2 PM. On Saturdays (also 2 PM) there is an additional tour in Spanish. The Meeting point is next to the Central Station at Kaiserstr. 69 in front of the gold exchange. If you have questions regarding this tour, you can also message me.

3. The City Centre

The city center of Frankfurt is the place to be. Its central place and the most common meeting point for the locals is called Hauptwache – literally translated as Main Guard, which was an old police station. During midday it is undoubtedly the busiest pedestrian areas in Frankfurt. The old Guard house, after which this place is named, serves as a café now. This square itself is one of the main shopping areas and lies at the beginning of the Zeil, one of the longest shopping streets in Germany. Under the Hauptwache there is a large Underground mall from where on it is possible to reach every place in Frankfurt by the subway. Next to the Hauptwache, at the top of the Galeria Kaufhof shopping center, there is the Skylounge which provides you nice food and drinks with a beautiful view on the skyline. The MyZeil is a shopping mall at the Zeil Street, which is known for its special architecture, it includes one of the biggest escalators in Germany. Inside the Kleinmarkthalle you have the possibility to enjoy an indoor market which provides all types of food you can imagine. Close to the Konstabler Wache the museum of the former Kallperfeld prison might also be a point of interest.

View from the platform of the Maintower on the city of Frankfurt.

View from the platform of the Maintower on the city of Frankfurt.

The Eschenheimer Turm (Tower) remains a relic from the old town wall and was built in the early 1400s. The nearby situated Stock Exchange is also another place of interest. It was built in 1879 and is, next to the Wall Street or London, one of the most important establishments of that kind. In the area around the Eschenheimer Turm there is a cinema and a lot of international restaurants, like at the Fressgasse. At the Zwingergasse 6 you can find "The Parlour" which is one of my favorite bars in town. And if you want to make a short break within a green park, than its less than 2min till the Grüngürtel (Bockenheimer Anlage).

When you go down the Kaiserstr. In the direction of the Central Station, you are going to cross the Maintower, the old European Central Bank, The English Theater and the new Opera. The Maintower is skyscraper with a high of 200 meters, it provides a viewing platform which offers you, especially during the evening within the week, a beautiful view on the city of Frankfurt. After a dreamy sunset, the 22nd Lounge is a good place to chill.

The Main Station Neighborhood is at the end of the Kaiserstreet, where the Central Station is located. The Central Sation was built in 1888 and was Europes biggest train station at this time. The Neighborhood is known for its multicultural lifestyle and nightlife, even Elvis Presley liked to chill here. On Tuesday evening there is a Jams session in the Orange Peel. Furthermore you should visit the Irish Pub O'Reilly's or some scene places like the YokYok, for this you can also join the Gude Pub Crawl on every Friday and Saturday. For Thursdays I can recommend you the Café KOZ, which is a very cozy students place. Or just visit the ZOOM Club close to the Hauptwache. If you want to try the best Currywurst-sausage in town, you should go to Taunus 25.

During the day there are from time to time also a lot of street festivals in Frankfurt. Before catching your flight back home, you should also have a breakfast at the Ginkgo in the Bergerstraße in Frankfurt-Bornheim. They offer really great food and they have also a big choice of vegetarian dishes.


4. The Old Town

Oldtown Frankfurt Römer

The Römerberg represents the heart of Frankfurt’s old town (Altstadt) and it is the most famous place for sightseeing. The Römerberg is a square with the Justice Fountain (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) in its center, in front of the cities town-hall, which is called Römer and is ca. 600 years old. The Römer is also a complex of eleven old building from the 15th to 18th century, which has been mostly reconstructed, expect from the Haus Wertheim from 1479 which is still original. In the middle of this place you can find a memorial regarding the book burnings of the Nazis.

Nearby the Römer you can cross the Main River through the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge), which has been built in 1868.

If you cross the Saalgasse, you are going to reach the cathedral Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus which is the oldest building of Frankfurt. The Duomo is 95 meters high and has a viewing platform or rather kind of a balcony on the top, from where on you have a nice view on the city. In direction of the city center there is the St Paul's Church which was at the same time the first German parliament. If you are interested in the history of Frankfurt you should have a look into the historical museum.


5. Museums District & Main Riverside

Take a walk along the Main River in Frankfurt’s center. The Museumsufer is a district of 15 museums at the southern riverside of the Main. Here you can find some of the best museums in Germany, like the Städel museum which focuses on the old artistic masters. But you can find here also the film museum, or the museum for architecture. Many locals love the area between the Holbeinsteg and the Eisernen Steg. At the Schaumainkai close to the Untermainbrücke there is the Maincafé, this place is perfect for a small break after a museum tour. It offers you the possibility to eat some snacks or drink some beer or applewine at the river. You can simply borrow a blanket and enjoy your drinks while sitting outside in the grass with a wonderful view on the skyline in front of the river. Furthermore they offer the only restrooms along the main river. In the evening you can find the "Rote Bar" at the Mainkai 7, it is one of the best bars in the city.

Furthermore here is a second-hand or flea market on every Saturday. And next to the Untermainbrücke there is kebap-boat, here they sell the fish-version of the popular Turkish-German Fastfood “Döner” from a boat.

Closer to the city center you can also find other museums like the museum for modern art or the Schirn museum. Furthermore you should visit Jewish cemetery and the Museum Judengasse, which explains the history of the city’s Jewish Gehtto. It is located close to the Holocaust Memorial Wall.

Another Museum which is not directly located at the Museumsufer is the Senckenberg Museum in Bockenheim. The Senckenberg Museum is one of the most important natural history museums in the World. It displays the biodiversity of our planet and has a big exhibition about evolution. It houses Europe largest exhibition of dinosaurs. It is also the place with the biggest collection of stuffed birds in the world, along with an outlining of the mankind-development.


6. Sachsenhausen

The district of Sachsenhausen is known for its taverns. Here it is not easy to get beer. The locals of Frankfurt prefer “Ebbelwoi”, which is basically apple-wine. Apple-wine is comparable with cider, but it’s not the same! Apple-wine is not sweet like cider, it’s rather kind of sour and not sparkling. In Sachsenhausen you can find a lot of Ebbelwoi-taverns. My favorite ones are “Zum gemalten Haus” (painted House) and the Wagner”. The Wagner provides in addition the best meat in the city and it is a traditional German restaurant serving typical specialties from Frankfurt. Some of that specialties are Handkäs mit Musik, which is a special cheese in an onion marinade; Grüne Soße, which is a green sauce consisting of seven fresh herbs, usually served with potatoes, eggs or meat; and the Frankfurter Schnitzel or Schweinshaxe.

The old part of Sachsenhausen (Alt-Sachs) is known as the party district of Frankfurt. Here you can actually find hundreds of bars, pubs and clubs.


7. Old Opera

Alte Oper

The Old Opera lies in the heart of Frankfurt’s Opera Square, close to the famous Fresgass within the city center. It was constructed in 1880, destroyed during WWII, and reopened in 1981. The Old Opera remains one of the most important concert venues in Germany.







8. Zoo Frankfurt

Picture: Moni Sertel (Source: Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Picture: Moni Sertel (Source: Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The zoo in Frankfurt is home for more than 4.500 animals of ca. 450 different species. It covers 32 acres and was founded in 1858. The Grzimek House shows Madagascar’s fauna. The Exotarium displays animals from different climate regions. The Bird Hall and Ape House are representing also a must see points.







9. City Gardens and Parks

In Bockenheim there is the beautiful 54-acre large Palm Garden (Palmengarten) which was opened in 1871. The Palmengarten is the largest botanic garden in Germany. It contains different subtropical and tropical plant species. The 338 meters high Europaturm (Eurotower) is just a short walk away from the Palmengarten and is worth a visit due to its viewing platform and a restaurant.

Other parks of interest are the 72-acre sized Grüneburgpark with its Korean Garden, and the Volkspark Niddatal wich covers 415-acres on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

The Chinese Garden next to the Bethmannspark is also o wonderful place for relaxing and free of charge.

Inside the main building of the University Campus Westend, it is possible to take a paternoster, which is kind of an old elevator.

During the summer you can relax in Brentano Freibad. The Freibad Brentano is an open air swimming pool built into an ancient river channel.

In the south of Frankfurt you can find the Goethe-Turm in the middle of a forest. The Goethe-Turm is a wooden 44 meters high tower close to Sachsenhausen. From there on you can have a different view on the city of Frankfurt. The Lohrberg provides you also a nice view on the city. If you like to take a walk in the nature, you can simply take the tramline 17 till the stop "Oberschweinstiege" and you're right within the forest.


10. The Old town of Höchst

Visit the ancient neighborhood of Höchst. This neighborhood is in the west part of Frankfurt. It is dates from the 8th-century and becomes in 1928 part of Frankfurt. This old town district is famous for its ancient half-timbered houses and old industry.

Frankfurt has also a lot of interesting surrounding places. Other beautiful cities are for example Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Heidelberg. They are not far away and definitely a daytrip worth. The latter one, Heidelberg has one of the most beautiful old-towns in Germany and offers also a Free Walking Tour. Northwest of Frankfurt there are also the Taunus Mountains which a great for hiking, mountain-biking and rock climbing.

If you are still not sure about what to do in Frankfurt or if you like to book me for a photograpical tour around this city, where I can also show you my personal view on this amazing town, you can message me anytime.


What are your top attractions in Frankfurt you like? It doesn't matter if its a sightseeing tour or different activities. You can write your suggestions into the comments about what to do in Frankfurt.

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