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New Nikon Z800 Mirrorless Camera with Medium Format Image Sensor

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Nikon leaked some Images of their new upcoming mirrorless camera (Potentially called Nikon Z800). According to the official pictures shown within the teaser-video “travel of light” it seems like the Z800 mirrorless camera from Nikon will come with a 44mm medium format image sensor likewise the Fuji GFX.

Starting at 1:18min we are able to have a look on the first details on Nikons announced mirrorless camera. Assumed that the total size of the new camera will be comparable to Sony`s A7 line and that the grip and the distances between the buttons are similar to current Nikon cameras, it is likely that the camera could be around 130mm width.

Admittedly, the actual camera size is pure speculation; however, it seems logical and realistic to have a comparable size to other current cameras on the market. On this basis and on the leaked images from Nikon`s official teaser-video, we can estimate a mount size of ca. 65mm in diameter:

Sensor Size of new Nikon Mirrorless camera

A throat diameter of 65mm is surprising in any way, since such a huge mount doesn’t seem required for a full frame sensor on a mirrorless body.

Due to the lack of a mirror, the lens-mount is closer to the image sensor than on a DSLR. A mount larger than 55mm in diameter is not required, even not for extreme fast lenses like a 50mm f0.95, which does already fit on Sony`s small 46mm mount. Therefore, a throat diameter of 65mm is more than surprising for an FX Sensor. However, throat diameters of that size are pretty common for medium format cameras like Fuji`s GFX. Will Nikons upcoming mirrorless camera include a medium format sensor as well?

Medium Format Nikon

If we lighten up the frame from 1:20min in post, we are able to see something like a rectangular sensor shape of two-thirds of the mounts throat-diameter-size. If the mount size is around 65mm, we can definitely see something bigger than a FX full frame sensor on that image. Potentially even a 44mm medium format sensor like already used by Fuji, Pentax or Hasselblad.